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Puggans Blog
Lite alltmöjligt som jag funderar över, vardagligt grubblande, politik, programering mm.


I?m now a ?Scoutledare?(scout guide) for scouts in ?Tuve Scoutkår?
2012-02-08 11:52:00
From january 2012, im back as scout, im now a guide/leader for the group "Gamma" in "Tuve scoutkår", "Gamma" has 2 patrulls, one if them are called "Kobran", and they have now started to blog about scouting (in swedish), and you can find them at
My evening 2011-05-20
2011-10-24 14:48:00
There was a big party in Gothenburg yesterday: Gigantisk Spontanfest i Göteborg I took help of my neighbor sofia, to find the place. The facebook event had 3368 atending, and 2457 maybe. have no ide how many that relly come, but it was alot of people. With so many people around, you should make at leas one new ...
Picture gallary
2011-10-24 14:48:00
My blog now have a picture gallary addon. Its 94 rows modifications of the ngg addon.
wow level 19 rogue
2011-10-24 14:48:00
Leveling up a rogue at the moment, and when you reach 19, you "most" do some pvp, becouse as level 19 rogue you own the battle.
Fildelning laglig och olaglig
2010-11-01 00:06:00
Fildelninge är inte olaglig i sig, om det är lagligt ...
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My day 2010-10-07
2010-11-01 00:06:00
Today i made a greasmonkey-script for putting shared no ...
My day 2010-10-06
2010-11-01 00:06:00
I went to Lollo after work today, she showed me the gam ...
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Test blog post
2010-11-01 00:06:00
This is a first blog post, just to make the first page ...
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