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Poetry for Kids Funny Poems for Children

Poetry for Kids Funny Poems for Children
Poetry for kids - funny poems for children. I am Milou a Swedish-German student. Jag skriver roliga dikter och poesi mest på engelska. Min blogg handlar om – Poetry and art poems about school, teachers, birthday, valentine, animals, universe and life. Discussion about poetry books. Please join me.
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Define Poetry
2012-03-27 01:20:00
Definition of Poetry. I will start a new blog with new personal poems and poetry here on I will update my Haiku for kids blog as well with new poems soon. See ya soon, Milou Filed under: haiku for children, haiku for kids Tagged: haiku for children, haiku for kids
Funny animal poems for kids
2011-03-07 12:25:00
Funny animal poems for kids If you like funny animal poems ………check out my blog with animal poems for kids Filed under: animals, children poetry, funny children poems, funny poems, funny poems for kids, funny poetry, poems, poetry, poetry for children, poetry kids, rhyming poems Tagged: children animal poems, funny animal pictures, funny animal poems ...
Acrostic Poems For Mother?s Day
2010-03-15 15:10:00
How to write an Acrostic Poem for Children. It is not to difficult for kids to write an acrostic poem. Here is one example I wrote for my mother for Mother’s Day. Here in the United Kingdom is  Mother’s Day on March 14, so I wrote a little poem I want to share. It is an ...
Funny Christmas Poems for Kids
2009-12-10 23:47:00
Funny Christmas Poems for Kids Today I post another Christmas poem or winter poem for Children called Christmas Ice. I wrote some funny Christmas poems for children and Xmas poems for kids. Merry Christmas and white Christmas is what I am looking for when i go back to Sweden for my Christmas holidays next week. ...
Christmas Poems for Kids
2009-12-08 20:21:00
Christmas Poems for Kids Today I will post some Christmas poems for kids. The first one is an acrostic Christmas poem or it is more a winter poem. But I am on my way back to Sweden for “real” Christmas and winter time;  so perhaps I am a bit inspired of the coming winter season and ...
Halloween Skeleton Poems
2009-10-31 05:34:00
[Day 31] Halloween Skeleton Poems Hi, today is the last Halloween countdown day and I think it was quite fun to write so many Halloween poems, Halloween rhymes, Halloween poetry, riddles and limericks. Everything from funny skeleton poems, scary spooky witch poems to monster, vampire, werewolves and mysterious beasts, Halloween in school, Halloween night and much more. ...
Halloween Poems ? The Beast
2009-10-30 02:24:00
[Day 30] Hi, today I post a little bit different Halloween poem or Halloween rhyme. Tell me what you think. I hope you like it. Please link to my blog or post something on your blog about my Halloween countdown. And by the way thanks for all your lovely comments – they are a ...
Halloween Poetry ? Halloween Poetry for Kids
2009-10-29 02:53:00
[Day 29] Halloween Poetry! Today’s funny Halloween poetry is another Halloween ghost poem. Dead Ghost is again a limerick or rhyming poetry for Halloween. Poetry is sometimes very funny – at least I had a lot of fun recording it. When you listen to the poem you will see/hear. Sometimes it isn’t very easy to ...
Scary spooky Halloween stories ? Halloween stories for kids
2009-10-28 02:09:00
[Day 28] Halloween Stories Labels: Scary, spooky,  creepy mystery stories for Halloween. Halloween  stories for kids,  scary spooky Halloween stories and tales, poetry and poems for children all ages. Halloween riddles and limericks; all poetry on this blog is written by me Milou. I am a 11 year old student and like poetry and stories. If you ...
Halloween Rhymes for Kids
2009-10-27 02:40:00
[Day 27] Labels: Halloween rhymes, scary rhymes for children, children rhymes about Halloween, Halloween rhymes for kids, funny Halloween poetry, scary Halloween rhymes, rhymes and poems for children, children rhymes, kids rhymes Today just another Halloween rhyme for kids with audio recording. To find more Halloween poems and poetry click on the categories on the ...
Halloween poem for children
2009-10-26 16:09:00
[Day 25] NEW! udpated with audio Collection of  funny spooky Halloween poems and rhymes for children. All poems on this blog are written by me, Milou. I am a 11 years old student writing poetry 4 kids. I hope you enjoy my Halloween poems and poetry for children and my poetry podcasts and audio for kids. If ...
Halloween Witch Limerick ? Halloween poems
2009-10-26 02:03:00
[Day 26] Today’s Halloween limerick poetry is again a Halloween witch poem for kids. Have fun, Milou The Witch Maid Brew by Milou There?s something inside my room That entered with a broom She?s wearing black Carrying a sack It was my maid Ms. Loom Don’t forget to bookmark my blog click in your browser or use the addthis bookmark ...
Halloween Limericks?. Limericks?. Limericks?
2009-10-24 04:47:00
[Day 24] Hi, now we are in our last week of Halloween waiting for *trick or treat*. I called the next Halloween limerick “The Beastly Feast” . Check out my other limericks and riddles and my little limerick tutorial “how to write limerick poetry“. I will post a couple of limericks and Halloween poems the coming ...
Halloween Poetry ? Halloween Mystery Poems
2009-10-23 06:09:00
[Day 23] Hi, today’s Halloween poetry for kids is about Halloween night. Read my Halloween Mystery Poem ….imagine how you feel walking through the night, no lights, all black as coal. You are alone. A long dark road. It is quiet as the winds whisper like spirits of ancient times………Milou Halloween Mystery Poem by Milou No sun, ...
Halloween Riddle -Who am I?
2009-10-22 08:02:00
[Day 22] Information about my audio files!!! We just found out that all my audio files were not working for some time. I am linking the files to another server. ALL my sound files are on a Bluehost server and it broke down. They just fixed the problem – so sorry for the inconveniences! ...
2009-10-21 03:44:00
[Day 21] Hello fellow haunters! Today with a little Halloween riddle for you. The Halloween countdown is still going on,…. a nice short riddle about a very important and sometimes frightful little guy on Halloween. Don’t you think, Milou Halloween Riddle by Milou I hate Thanksgiving Day I dislike the color gray I?m orange ...
Halloween Riddles ? Short Halloween Riddle
2009-10-20 11:00:00
[Day 19] Halloween Riddles(new! updated with audio) Today just a short Halloween riddle. I will post some more the next days. Happy guessing, Milou What am I? Halloween Riddle by Milou I only come out at first black And by sunrise I?m usually back Blood?s what I eat No brains or meat When I swing my cape I?m gone in a smack ___ Don’t forget to ...
Funny Halloween Riddles for Kids
2009-10-20 00:29:00
[Day 20] Another of my Halloween riddles for kids. I will update my blog every evening until Halloween with Halloween riddles, Halloween limericks, scary spooky Halloween stories and tales. Halloween poems and poetry for kids. You can read and listen to my poetry. I hope you have fun, Milou Halloween Riddle by Milou I wear a pointy hat My ...
Halloween stories and poems ? The Haunted Graveyard
2009-10-18 02:53:00
[Day 18] Haunted stories and tales. Scary ghost stories and spooky creepy witches. Halloween horror, mysterious screaming and evil laugh. Campfire stories of ghosts and haunted houses. Evil bloody supernatural things. Spooky skeletons, feared werewolves and vampires. Just imagine what a dangerous world is out there….. But – The Haunted Graveyard is just a funny Halloween ...
Halloween Witch Poem
2009-10-18 00:36:00
[Day 16] Halloween witch poem. Today another funny Halloween poem with audio. Enjoy, Milou Labels: Halloween witch, Halloween limericks, witch poems, scary witch poem, funny witch poems for kids, free Halloween audio Dear Ms. Witch by Milou I wouldn’t mind to come and dine But there is something wrong inside my spine I can’t run nor walk I can barely talk When I ...
Scary spooky Haunted House story for Halloween
2009-10-17 06:32:00
[Day 17] Scary, spooky, witty, creepy, mysterious Haunted House Ghost Story for Halloween, Have a nice weekend, Milou Sifty Sifty San Sam agrees to spend the night in a haunted house to rid it of a terrible ghost. Excerpt from Spooky Texas © S.E. Schlosser 1997 – 2009 Used with permission of S.E. Schlosser and Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. Don’t ...
Halloween poems ? Witch Craft
2009-10-15 13:54:00
[Day 14] Today I post another of my Halloween limericks and my little sister! is reading the Witch Craft poem…. she is doing a great job. I will post a couple of limericks and riddles the next days. Take care, Milou Witch Craft by Milou (read by my little sister) One night inside a castle room A ...
Halloween Nightmare ? Dancing Skeletons
2009-10-15 04:27:00
[Day 16] Halloween Nightmare is a short Halloween poem for kids. Today I am posting  again a short Halloween poem. Thanks for stopping by, Milou Halloween Nightmare – Dancing Skeletons (Mark’s mistake) by Milou “I’m not leaving the house, outside it’s dark I can hear werewolves howl and bark Skeletons are dancing Witches are prancing!” Those are kids wearing costumes, Mark Don’t forget ...
Halloween limerick ? The Witch from Beijing
2009-10-13 03:49:00
[Day 13] Today you can read another of my Halloween limericks. I will post a couple of limericks and riddles the next days. Please comment and if you have a great Halloween limerick or riddle – I like to hear from you. What is limerick poetry? Check out my limerick guide “how to write ...
Halloween limericks ? How to write limerick poetry for kids
2009-10-12 03:47:00
[Day 12] Today you can read and listen to one of my Halloween limericks. I will post a couple of limericks the next days. What is limerick poetry? A limerick is a five line poem with a strict form (AABBA), which intends to be witty or humorous! Limericks have been around since the 18th century. Read ...
Scary Halloween poem ? Scary Halloween poems
2009-10-11 04:34:00
[Day 11] Scary creepy spooky funny Halloween – Halloween poems and poetry for kids. Label:  Scary Halloween poem – Halloween poems for children – Halloween poetry for kids The Headless Girl by Milou Deep inside the forest of gloom The trees press on each other, there?s barely room Bellow a fir tree with just enough space A creature of terror starts ...
Hounted House ? Halloween hounted house ghost stories
2009-10-10 05:16:00
[Day 10] Today two new spooky, scary, creepy Halloween stories to listen to. Happy weekend, Milou Haunted House – scary Haunted house ghost stories for kids Piece-by-Piece A man decides to visit a haunted house against the advice of his friend. Playing Piano A man is driven mad by his wife’s incessant piano playing. From the book Spooky Campfire Tales Used with permission ...
Halloween Horror Nights 2009 ? Halloween Horror
2009-10-09 07:54:00
[Day 9] Halloween Horror Nights 2009 – Halloween Horror 2009 Halloween Horror Nights is back and better than ever with haunted houses, live shows, and monsters, mutants and maniacs. Each year Universal studios in Orlando Florida takes the concept of haunted houses to a whole new level, and 2009 Universal promise absolute horror;  no place to run ...
Spooky short stories for children
2009-10-08 08:29:00
[Day 8] Spooky stories, ghost stories, spooky tales. The Halloween countdown is starting with [Day 1]. Click on HOME to see all pages. I will update every day until Halloween…… Enjoy, Milou Never Mind Them Watermelons Sam Gibb accepts a dare to stay in a haunted house, never expecting to meet a ghost. Pecos Bill and the Haunted House Pecos Bill ...
Listen to free Halloween stories
2009-10-07 07:13:00
[Day 7] Today two new spooky, scary, creepy Halloween stories to listen to. Have fun, Milou I’m Coming Down Now! A real-estate agent tries in vain to sell a haunted house. From the book Spooky Canada. Jack O’Lantern A hunter is stranded in a marsh, with fatal results. From the book Spooky Maryland Used with permission of S.E. Schlosser and Copyright ...
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