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Nationalromantik och vänsterpolitik, patriotism och socialism, feminism och religionskritik.
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Inclusive Illustrations, By Design
2017-05-09 16:00:00
I like to think that designers solve problems, while artists ask questions. And when the two go hand-in-hand, real magic happens. Why? Because the right question gets answered with the right solution ? art asks, and design responds. Here at Automattic we were extremely fortunate to recently get to partner with independent artist and designer Alice Lee, who seamlessly integrates abstract ideas with concrete solutions. The following is an interview with Alice that is followed by another interview with Joan Rho, the designer who led the project. JM: How did you become an illustrator? AL: My path is a little nontraditional. I was always an artistically curious kid growing up, but was never of the ?stand-out art star? variety. Rather, I went to business school, and after graduating, I worked at Dropbox as an early product designer. Some of my first few projects there involved designing for externally facing projects (new user education, onboarding flows, home & landing pages), and ...
Introducing for Google Docs: A New Way Forward for Collaborat
2017-03-07 20:01:00
We are happy to announce for Google Docs, a new add-on that lets you write, edit, and collaborate in Google Docs, then save it as a blog post on any or Jetpack-connected WordPress site. Your images and most formatting will carry over too. No more copy-and-paste headaches! To get started, just go to the Google Web Store page and click to install it. You will be prompted to give our plugin access to post on your behalf, and then you are ready to write. When you?re ready to save a Google Docs draft as a blog post, go to the Add-ons menu and open for Google Docs. A sidebar will appear where you can add or Jetpack-connected sites. Click the Save Draft button — when it?s saved, a preview link will appear so you can see how it looks on your site. Edit the post in to make any small tweaks, then hit publish when you?re ready to go live! You can find the source code on GitHub if you want to take a closer look at how ...
.blog Domains Are Now Available to Everyone!
2016-11-21 16:31:00
Today?s the day! Now you can search for the .blog domain of your choice and associate it with your site. As we announced in May, the launch of .blog, a new top-level domain extension, means there are millions of easy-to-remember addresses now available for your website. Pricing for .blog domains will start at around USD$30 per year, with some premium names offered at higher prices. Which .blog will you choose? Whether it?s your brand, your business, or your own name, you?ll have a lot of options to choose from. To search for a .blog domain name for your blog or website, go to My Sites > Domains and search for the .blog domain name you?d like. Why .blog? There?s always one big question that comes up when users start creating a site on ?What should I call it?? Finding the right name is hard enough — it?s even more difficult to find one that works for you and is also available. This is why we?re excited about these new .blog domains. ...
Tips from a Web Designer: On Widgets, Themes, and Essential Tools
2016-11-15 23:02:00
Web and marketing designer Matt Sweeny builds websites on for a range of clients, including a landscape and design service, a cheese company at holiday markets, a public relations firm for toy manufacturers and retailers, and an indie folk band. Here, Matt shares a bit about how — and why — he uses, offering quick tips on building a homepage, finding a theme, and using widgets. What, to you, are the essential elements of a homepage? A homepage should have: a kick-ass design a title or branding logo to identify the website immediately text that describes the purpose of the website (which is important so the site shows up in search results) a place for visitors to search the site’s content a menu or navigation to other pages on the site (including links to terms and privacy if it?s a commercial website) a form where visitors can enter their email to subscribe to the site?s newsletter — or, in the case of, a subscriptio...
Applications Now Open for Early ?Landrush? .blog Domains
2016-11-02 20:41:00
If you?ve ever had a great idea for a name for your blog or website, now?s your chance to snap it up: today marks the start of the ?Landrush? phase for the all-new .blog domain names. That means you can apply now to get early access to a .blog web address you love, before they become available for sale on November 21. Since it?s a completely new domain, there are millions of new .blog domains available. What?s Landrush? Landrush is a period during which you can sign up for a new domain (like ahead of everyone else. During Landrush you pay a one-time application fee on top of your recurring registration fee to be able to secure the name first. If someone else wants the same domain name during this period, there will be an auction to determine the winner, and only the winner will pay the application fee. Landrush only lasts one week?you?ll have to apply before November 9 to secure your domain name during this special early application phase. You can also wait until...
It?s Time: Apply For Early Access to Your Own .blog Domain Name
2016-08-18 17:00:00
If you?ve been looking for the perfect address for your blog, it?s about to get even easier. Millions of new .blog domain names (like will be available this November — and starting today, you can apply to secure your own domain name. Just go to and apply to pre-register the domain you want. Like .com before it, .blog is clear and accessible, and it creates millions of fresh, new options for naming your blog. It?s the perfect way to personalize your home on the web. With a domain like .blog, you can get a name that truly matches your identity. Plus, you?ll get the same Google search benefits as any other custom domain. How to apply for your .blog name Early applications start at $250 USD, and will be open until November 9th. It?s the best way to secure your own .blog domain ahead of the November 21st launch. After the launch, any .blog domain that isn’t taken will be available at, starting at the standard yearly price of $30. Meet Dave....
New Theme: Revelar
2016-01-28 17:02:00
On this Theme Thursday, I’m happy to present a brand new free theme for your enjoyment. Revelar Designed by Automattic’s own Filipe Varela, Revelar is a single-column blogging theme with a fresh, modern look. Designed to showcase your gorgeous photography and complement your writing, it?s a perfect choice for photographers, travelers, and authors. With support for large featured images, multiple post formats, and footer widget areas for additional content, Revelar gives your posts plenty of room to shine. Find out more about Revelar on the Theme Showcase!Filed under: Themes
New Theme: Pique
2015-12-17 17:00:00
Today, we’re welcoming a new free theme to our collection: Pique. Pique Pique is a stylish and modern theme designed as a one-page scrolling site, giving your customers easy access to all your information in one place. Personalize your site by adding featured images to your pages and tweaking the colors to create a site that’s perfectly suited to your brand. Upload your logo and custom header image to make your site distinctive. Designed specifically with coffee shops in mind, Pique is particularly well-suited for small, independent businesses. Use it to build an online home for your bakery, hair salon, shop, or cafe. And of course, it’s completely responsive, so it will look good on any device your customers are using, whether they’re on the road or at home. Pique has lots of fantastic features that will allow you to create a beautiful and dynamic showcase for your business, including: Upload your own Site Logo Customer testimonials Optional sidebar on po...
Register Now for WordCamp US in Philadelphia!
2015-11-09 20:03:00
We’re less than a month away from the inaugural WordCamp US, the largest WordPress conference in the world. Join us in Philadelphia for two days of informative sessions and stimulating conversations with everyone from blogging newbies to the most experienced WordPress developers in the world. WCUS will be on December 4?5 (with Contributor Day on the 6th), in Center City at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. In previous years, WordCamp San Francisco has acted as the official annual WordPress conference, where WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg gives the “State of the Word,” sharing the latest WordPress developments, answering questions from the audience, and offering his thoughts on what?s next for WordPress ? and the future of the web. This year?s ?State of the Word? will happen at WCUS! Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp SF in 2014. Image by Sheri Bigelow. The event is packed with two tracks of sessions plus lightning talks, including “From Blog to Book: Re-purpos...
Versatile Themes for Online Magazines
2015-10-09 18:00:00
Launching a magazine? At, you can choose from an ever-growing collection of themes. Here are four free and four premium themes to promote a wide variety of content. Canard Launched earlier this year, Canard showcases writing and photography in a nicely balanced layout. You can display up to five posts in a grid on your homepage, and if you publish images and use post formats, you’re in luck: image and gallery post formats are beautifully called out on the homepage. You can create up to four custom menus, too: perfect for directing your visitors to different places. This free theme lends sophistication to Sarah Ascha’s food site, ā la Susu: her featured dishes look delicious in her homepage grid, and other custom touches, from the light blue navigation bar to the Calluna font used throughout the site, are subtle and delicate. Publication Publication is an awesome free theme that brings your best full-width images to life. At affiliate site Call to ...
Google Fonts: Free Typefaces for Your Site
2015-07-31 17:50:00
We’re really happy to announce that we’ve added over 30 free Google Fonts to your Theme Customizer. Even better, you don’t need any upgrades to access them; these fonts are free for everyone. Go to ? Customize to see the new Fonts section in the sidebar. From there you can browse and preview typefaces like Gentium Book Basic, Libre Baskerville, Merriweather, and Ubuntu. When you select a font, you’ll immediately see your site in the preview with that font applied. For most font choices, you can also change the size and style of the text. Click to view slideshow. Have you always wanted your headers to be rendered in Fondamento italic? How about Cinzel bold? Now they’re just a few clicks away, for every site on If you are still looking for that perfect typeface and Google Fonts aren’t for you, all the Typekit commercial fonts are still available for those sites with the Custom Design upgrade. We can’t wait to see w...
Early Theme Adopters: Syntax
2014-03-04 14:00:00
We release beautiful new themes every week. In our Early Theme Adopters series, we focus on bloggers who are using the most recent additions to our Theme Showcase. Today, let's visit some of the first blogs to have made Syntax, a striking, minimalist theme, their own.
Around the World in 12 Photos
2014-02-26 17:01:00
We’re beyond proud that incredibly talented photographers around the world choose to showcase their photos on Pack your virtual bags and join us on a turbo trip from Bangkok to Brisbane and from Delhi to Los Angeles (with a few stops in between) as we explore the wonders of the street photography tag on Be sure to fasten your seatbelt and review the in-flight safety features of our turbocraft before we taxi for takeoff. First stop, a market seller in Bangkok, Thailand, courtesy of Majawi Images. BANGKOK, THAILAND: Market Seller 1, Bangkok from Majawi Images Next up, Los Angeles, California, and Donald Barnat‘s photo of insouciant street youth, entitled, “Forever 21.” LOS ANGELES, USA: Forever 21 by Donald Barnat Over in New York City is “Out of the Shadows” by Shawn Escoffery. NEW YORK CITY: Out of the Shadows by Shawn Escoffery After an in-flight beverage and hot meal, we present a piece from Aaron Joel Santos‘...
Twenty Fourteen, Unplugged
2014-02-24 17:00:00
The Twenty Fourteen theme is barely three months old, but it’s already one of the most popular themes on — understandable, since its flexible, magazine-style layout gives you tons of leeway for presenting and highlighting different content. What if you like what’s under Twenty Fourteen’s hood but want a sleeker look for your blog? No problem! As these three blogs prove, Twenty Fourteen is just as easy to pare down as it is to punch up. Twenty Fourteen’s default layout takes full advantage of its adept way with featured images and content, and shows off multiple custom menu and widget areas: But it can just as easily take on a clean, single-column look, as Callum Hackett chose: Callum showcases his longer-form writing with a stark layout that makes his words the focus. He’s replaced the solid-color sidebar with his own image; the subtle colors give the blog visual interest without distracting from the posts. Widgets and menus are li...
New Themes: Tuned Balloon, Yumblog, Lens, Hexa, Singl, MH Magazine
2014-02-20 18:25:00
Tuned Balloon Tuned Balloon, a new premium theme by new seller Anariel Design, is a music theme designed for bands, featuring a responsive design, widgetized home page, custom widgets, and support for several post formats. Yumblog Yumblog by UpThemes is the perfect premium theme for food bloggers and cooks who want to share recipes, tips, and tricks. Embed recipes into your posts and make them look amazing with a handwritten design, or showcase your best dishes with the featured content slider. Lens Lens, a premium theme by Pro Theme Design, is great for photographers, artists, and crafters who like to tell stories with pictures. The home page displays blog posts and featured images in an engaging mosaic. Lens looks stunning on all devices — laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Hexa Hexa is a fun, fresh experience for your personal blog. Post formats highlight your best finds in colorful style, large featured images help your visuals stand out, and the responsive design wo...
Five Minutes with Sendhil Panchadsaram
2014-02-18 17:33:00
Every so often, we sit down with an Automattician to help you get to know the people who build new features, keep Automattic?s wheels turning, and make the best it can be. In this installment, we?re delighted to introduce you to movie buff, comics geek, and Mobile Engineer, Sendhil Panchadsaram. Thinking about applying to work at Automattic? We?re hiring. Hi Sendhil! Tell us a bit about what you do here at Automattic. I’m currently a Mobile Engineer working in the Mobile Team. The vast majority of my time I work on the iOS app, but ever so rarely I end up dabbling with some stuff on the back end. You’re a Microsoft alumnus. How did you find your way to Automattic? A friend of mine (and fellow Mobile Team member Dan Roundhill) had encouraged me to apply in 2012. He told me that Automattic was looking to grow their Mobile Team and he thought I’d be a good fit. At the time I politely declined because I was working at a startup. About a year later the st...
Love Is…A Valentine’s Day Roundup
2014-02-14 17:00:00
Love…it comes in different shapes and sizes, and means so many things to so many people. On this auspicious day we wanted to show our love for the myriad ways you express love on Versed in love We were struck by littlepeace’s haiku mediation on the “joy of now” when you’re in love over at Innocence Abroad. (the) present be here now — with you driving down snow-covered streets, evening armchair talks be here now — with you pea shoots, tomato fragrance worm ends in rich soil be here now — with you laughing together, today, with crinkled-eye smiles be here now — with you this moment, this moment, this, enjoying the gift Nicholas Gagnier‘s spare, beautiful love poem, A Crumpled Valentine, is a lovely reminder that when it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts. Love in photographs Photographer Steve McCurry has traveled the world, capturing stories in photos along the way. His gorgeous photo ...
Add That Personal Touch to Your Blog with a Custom Header
2013-12-24 13:00:00
One of the best free customization tools on is the ability to upload a custom header image. Using a custom header is a great way to showcase your style and personality on your blog. When readers visit your blog, its header is what pops out first and introduces visitors to your site and your content. That header image plays a huge part in your blog’s first impression, and now you can live preview custom header images as soon as you upload them. Experiment by uploading header images in the Appearance ? Customize ? Header area. The new preview feature helps you to choose the header that best matches your site’s style and design. To learn more, see the support page on uploading a custom header image. Color matching for headers If you’ve purchased the Custom Design upgrade, you can generate a color palette to match your header image with the new Match Header Image button in the Colors panel under Appearance ? Customize ? Colors. Keep clicking the button to...
50,000 Words Later: Farewell, NaNoWriMo 2013
2013-12-06 17:00:00
A few days ago on this blog, Cheri took a look at this year’s successful National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), the month-long event during which bloggers write a new post every day. The end of November also signaled the finish line of the the granddaddy of all writing challenges, National Novel Writing Month. This year, 311,575 writers set out to produce a 50,000-word novel in the course of a month. A healthy chunk of those word-marathoners also keep a blog or an author’s site here on In honor of their labor (and the insane amount of coffee they’ve consumed over the past 30 days), let’s take a look at some of their hard-earned wisdom from the fiction-writing trenches. NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner Badge (courtesy of challenge winner words-pictures-music) The thrill of sharing stories NaNo projects come in all shades of the storytelling spectrum — from dark horror tales to uplifting narratives of redemption. The challenge brings together first-...
Awesome (and Free) Theme Options You Might Not Know About
2013-12-04 16:02:00
Did you know, that of the 217 themes available on, 64 offer free options such as custom headers, colors schemes and palettes, and customizable layouts? There are plenty of ways to make your blog your own without spending any money. Here’s just a few ideas to prime your creative pump. The color choice is yours Eight themes, including Superhero, Writr, Spun, Panel, Zoren, Fontfolio, TwentyThirteen, and Typo, offer free color palettes you can apply. Free color palettes are denoted by the “featured” flag across them in the Customizer. To activate a free color palette, go to Appearance ? Customize. Here’s what Typo‘s free color palettes look like: Click to view slideshow. If you’d like to combine a free custom header and color options, check out Vintage Camera, which offers six free illustrated cameras for custom headers and the ability to choose any header and background you like. Click to view slideshow. Options, options options If you...
Make the Most of Your Customizer: Three Neat Features to Try
2013-11-11 22:00:00 users show their creativity not only in the content they publish, but also in how they design their sites. We always enjoy seeing how bloggers transform popular themes like Oxygen, Pilcrow, or Imbalance2 to create sleek, tailor-made sites. Today, let’s take a closer look at the Theme Customizer, a key …
Introducing Related Posts
2013-11-11 18:30:00
Do you ever wonder what happens when your readers reach the end of your posts? What do they click on? Where do they go next? What if you’ve piqued a reader’s interest and left them wanting more, but don’t give them the option to do so? Today, we’re so happy …
Viral Post Leads to Ads Windfall: Jon Negroni’s “The Pixar Theo
2013-10-08 12:00:00
Blogger Jon Negroni’s viral post, “The Pixar Theory,” was so big that it was republished on Mashable and Slate.  To date, the post has accumulated 4.4 million views on Negroni’s site. Many of us think about readership growth as a function of regular posting, which, over time, brings in a …
New Themes: Traveler and InfoWay
2013-09-19 16:27:00
It’s another Two Theme Thursday here on, with Traveler and InfoWay taking the spotlight. Traveler is a full-screen, flexible, and highly visual theme, built by Pro Theme Design for documenting your travel adventures. It features a huge custom header image, single-column and block-style (Masonry) layouts, and looks great no …
The Year Without Pants: An interview with author Scott Berkun
2013-09-17 18:00:00
Scott Berkun is the author of four previous books and a sought-after speaker. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Guardian, Wired magazine, National Public Radio, and The Huffington Post. From 2010 to 2012 Scott led Team …
Back to School: A Blogging How-To
2013-09-04 18:00:00
With Labor Day a distant memory (two days ago, already?), the school year is already in full swing. Whether you’ve been blogging regularly through the heat of summer, or slowed down your pace with some lazy days on the beach, it’s time to gear up for another term. Your campus bookstore …
New Themes: Publisher and Zoren
2013-08-01 22:30:00
What better way to kick off August than with two new themes? Today we have both a premium theme and a free theme for your viewing pleasure, Publisher and Zoren. Publisher is the first premium theme on by our newest partner Okay Themes. We’re incredibly thrilled with the designs …
Get the Most Out of Widgets: Building and Showcasing Your Community
2013-07-22 23:21:00
Last month, we highlighted some widgets and hope you’ve since activated them! Today, let’s continue our widgets tour and focus on several that put the spotlight on the readership you’ve built. Your site isn’t just about you or your organization — it’s very much enriched by the community around you. Turn visitors into subscribers The Follow Blog Widget lets your visitors sign up to receive your posts via email — it’s one of the easiest ways to ensure your readers see your new posts. Under Appearance ? Widgets, drag this widget to the right. In the settings, you can customize the messages that will be displayed, the text for the “Follow” button, and decide whether you want to show your total number of followers. Here’s an example of the widget on the blog Humans Are Weird: The Follow Blog Widget is the simplest tool you can enable to send your latest stuff to as many inboxes across the internet as possible! Show off yo...
DaddyBloggers in the Spotlight: A Father’s Day Roundup
2013-06-16 18:00:00
Writing about family life and parenthood is not simply the province of mothers: dads are carving out their own blogular niche. Single dads, stay-at-home dads, working dads, two-dad families — you can find every perspective on As the US celebrates Father’s Day, here are some dad blogs we love: What’s the point of having kids if you can’t raise them into die-hard Star Wars fans? DorkDaddy — dentist by day, geek by night, dad 24/7 — uses his blog to chronicle life with this three geeks-in-training. You respond to his combination of candid takes on parenting with analysis of key issues (would Superman would be a better father than Batman?), and so do we. From whipping up Butterbeer for a sick dorkling to LEGO extravaganzas to building homemade hovercrafts, he takes us through the richness of parenthood with grace, humor, and, yes, a substantial measure of unabashed dorkiness. (We also love his frequent odes to the DorkMom...
New on WordPress for Android: Notifications
2013-06-12 23:52:00
Need to get your Notifications on the go? With version 2.4 of WordPress for Android you’ll see all your Notifications right on your Android device. Step away yet stay connected With the new streamlined Notifications view, you can step away from your computer but still stay connected to your readers. With just a few taps you can: Read comment threads and reply. Moderate new pending comments. Get stats highlights. See your new followers and follow them back. See who liked your posts. Don?t need so many notifications? You can turn off specific notification types (for example “Likes”) in the Settings panel. You can also mute entire blogs if it gets too noisy. See what?s going on with your blog quickly. Reply to comments with ease. Additional improvements and bug fixes We also added a few more nifty features in this release: A new menu icon has been added that matches up with the latest ‘Holo’ design guidelines. Settings and Sign out opt...
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