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Relm, Evolution och Dumheter

Relm, Evolution och Dumheter
Studerande i Australien skriver jag här om allt jag kommer mig för. Ofta kring ämnen som politik, samhälle, religion samt personligt och diverse vardagsproblem.
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From -10 to +38C.
2009-02-10 12:09:00
Stuck in Perth for quite some time longer. Moving house tomorrow … not used to the heat, fainting almost, water water water. Just want to get this over with right now, the Perth and Australia adventure I mean, feel a bit isolated.  The flight was crowded and uncomfortable. The people at Murdoch administration are still morons, ...
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Goodbye Sweden!
2009-02-09 02:05:00
…for now at least. Leaving tomorrow (actually today) 13.55 is the time of departure from the airport. Staying four days in Singapore before going back finally to Perth. So what have we (me and Angelina) been up to during this break? Well, there has been a lot of catching up with friends and family of ...
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2009-02-01 22:51:00
Arty-farty whatever random fudge fudge fudge… got some ides and this is what I’ve been up to among other things. Finished Unfinished Very much unfinished Finished       
Setting sail again?
2009-02-01 18:25:00
Been working on my assignments, nothing spectacular but I’ve managed to get them in on due date so far.  On Tuesdays I’m heading back for Singapore then a few days later Perth, stupid Perth. I assume it’s both good and bad, good to get things started again so that I can finish some time, bad ...
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Nintendo Wii has taken over my life?
2008-12-29 00:32:00
…no, not really.  Seriously though, my family bought a Wii for Christmas which we all have been playing continously since the 24th several hours each day. I must admit though that it is actually quite a good workout at some distant level, well at least with the game that comes with the console, i.e. Wii ...
Murdoch University smells like an old turd
2008-12-24 13:13:00
I do not want to go back to this money-hungry university to, again constantly having to argue about fees and result with an administration that you, as a student, never can win against. Murdoch University loves money and nothing but money. They certainly do not care the least about their students…. Important to note is ...
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Shopping spree!
2008-12-23 22:43:00
Yeah right… not in this tiny, tiny town. Longing for the food tomorrow. Food. Food. Mmmmm…. food.       
Slow days
2008-12-22 23:40:00
Woke up at 12.00 after having been to Stockholm yesterday all day. Made garlic sauce flavoured herring, baked bread. Went to sister for dinner. Eating way too much snacks continiously and too frequently… caramelm chocolates, chips, chips, nuts, chocolates, ice-cream and drinking soda. I feel fat and unhealthy… need to fix this soon. Cannot really ...
The Root of All Evil?
2008-12-22 12:50:00
It’s funny how I a few years ago… 2006 I believe when Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion was being sold in every supermarket one could see… simply thought to myself “right, just another one trying to ride on the great wave of the success from  Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code”. I thought it ...
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Midnights?s Children
2008-12-22 01:05:00
I bought this book by Salman Rushdie: …today, online in hope it might be good… seem rather interesting though and it was cheap!       
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Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates?
2008-12-21 19:20:00
In December, surrounding the 24th and 25th  for some rather silly reason, we tend to eat more chocolates than otherwise… at least it seems to be so. Probably due to these christian religious holidays many people worldwide celebrate, usually without knowing why or rather don’t even caring for the underlying reason to it either. (i.e. ...
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Slacking a bit too much?.
2008-12-21 15:45:00
But it’s ok, because my assingments are going rather well… so far. Have to keep it up for next submission though… which is troublesome since there are so many things to do, things distracting me and too much good food. It’s good to be home for once. We have been around meeting friends and family and ...
Home sweet home
2008-12-09 19:48:00
Arrived yesterday 5.30 AM at Arlanda Airport in Sweden. It’s good to be home for awhile. Probably won’t have time for very many updates… +1 C.  and some leftover snow.       
Internet Access
2008-12-08 00:36:00
From tomorrow morning I’m going to have very limited internet access since I’m closing down my own account since I’ll be leaving this place on this following Saturday.  Good bye 12A Green Court.       
Independent Study Contract
2008-12-08 00:36:00
I’ve got one! Meaning that I have to study during the break … but also that I save $2000 and plenty of time later. I’m going to write “Surrealistic reality based fiction”… well should not be too much of a problem. Ha.  Oh, and I need to find a copy of Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder ...
Feeling appreciated
2008-11-19 20:21:00
Well, I scrubbed the entire kitchen floor very thouroughly two days ago, about 5 hours later someone (which I know who) spilled soda and did not bother to clean it up. So now our kitchen floor is black with stains and gooey and sticky and simply disgusting again.       
Hailstorm in Perth!
2008-11-19 14:18:00
I was very much surprised this evening as it actually started to rain hailstones. Mid-day today it as around +28 C. and later it rains ice! Neat.       
Modern times
2008-11-13 12:56:00
Got our power cut today for about 4 hours. Power failure that is. We sat three confused young men around the kitchen table, each of us equally bored and confused about what to do. Nothing happened.  When eventually the power came back, then suddenly we all got to move around and light up the house and ...
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World?s most inefficient company
2008-11-10 09:09:00
Telstra and BigPond are by far the worst organised companies I have ever encountered. They systematically trick their customers and after that they have lured them into their net they abuse them and treat their customers like crap. If they screw up, you as a customer have to pay for it, and they always screw ...
Bad breakfast habits
2008-11-09 23:43:00
What is worse, butter in the marmalade or marmalade in the butter?       
One down, two to go
2008-11-09 23:43:00
One essay in, two more due on monday. Wrote my exam today, felt good, quite certain of all but one of the questions… Well… back to work.       
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Blurry day
2008-11-09 23:43:00
Sleeping most of the day, and when I haven’t been sleeping I’ve been half-alseep walking like a zombie back and forth with no destination. Exam tomorrow, 11.30. Essays due. I want to sleep.       
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Obama has won!
2008-11-09 23:43:00
Barack Obama has won the presidential election in the United States! … At least now, Iranians can calm down a bit I suppose. Let’s hope that Obama can correct some of the mess Bush has made.       
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Evolution gone bad
2008-11-09 23:43:00
In the special case study of the evolution of the Homo sapiens sapiens in Australia the constant move forward seems to have taken a drastic downturn in this specific region of the world and spiralled straight down back into the dark ages and then even further back to the stone age. It is getting increasingly difficult to ...
The Greatest Actor Alive!
2008-11-09 23:43:00
…is not me. But my stage play was played out quite well. I played my own main character and introduced the rest of the crew. It all went surprisingly smooth, and people were laughing at the places where I had intended them to laugh. Success!       
A lost song
2008-11-09 23:43:00
Looking for a song that has been played on the radio. Rock, up-beat don’t know … Please telepathically just randomly know exactly what I’m talking about, even though I don’t myself, and tell me the title and band. Thank you.       
No tents for me
2008-11-02 10:35:00
Finalised a contract for a double room yesterday. I’m not homeless! Wiee! We are not homeless.       
Hog?s Breath Café, the Return of the Mash Potato
2008-11-01 03:00:00
In the run for the exciting return to the restaurant of myth and lore we came with a quest, a quest to get stuffed. And so we did. El Grandé still stood tall–exchange the fries for mashed potato and add an extra bearnaise sauce–beating it’s opponents by a mile, at least.        ...
Need more coffee to compensate for all that cake
2008-10-31 02:34:00
What is the correct coffee to cake ratio? Is there such a ratio? If there is not I will establish it now. 2 cups of coffee to 1 slice of cake*. (The coffee can be exchanged for either 2 cups of tea, 1 cup of hot chocolate or 1 glass of soda. There are not measurements ...
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Windows 7, same old
2008-10-30 15:03:00
Microsoft have chosen yet again it seems to come with no surprises whatsoever. – (Microsoft Debuts Windows 7) (Microsoft to unveil test version of Windows 7) To me, as an “half-way” amatuer is looks the same again as Windows Vista , only slightly more “Apple-ish”, “Mac-ish”, “Tiger-X-ish”, “copycat-ish”. A disappointment so far, but not a surprise.  Windows Vista has ...
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